Sunday, September 4, 2016

"Soros Is Literally Hitler!"

Recently, Robert Spencer asked this simple yet not-all-that-obvious Question: "Has there ever before been a world war that raged on while everyone in authority denied that it was happening?"

When governments initiate 'wealth redistribution' thefts for 'social justice,' they are attacking part of their constituency base by robbing them of their property and self-defense rights, allegedly on behalf of other, 'victim' groups.

This sort of thing should be left up to the courts, and be based on trying the factual evidence, not left to be decided in the court of public opinion (aka elections) by mob emotions.

All governments  - even, or perhaps most especially, 'democratic' governments - must pander to special interests for their support, by slandering some groups in order to extortively pretend to justify "redistributing" their wealth (and that of all others, too) in extra taxes to make reparations to redress whatever "social injustice" du jour they are championing at any given time:

Alexis de Tocqueville said:

"The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public's money."

But that's what socialists (gangsters, including the islamic type) - especially the globalist ones - want.

Takers will take until the Makers expire, all countries are destroyed and only "globalislam" remains.


“A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy…”

Alexander Fraser Tytler, Scottish lawyer and writer, 1770

Governments will inevitably turn into tyrannies, perhaps incrementally, perhaps not, as they scramble to pay for the special favours they dole out to their support bases as they increase taxes to pay for all the new social programs which they have designed to 'redress' all the myriad and almost infinite symptoms of the simple problems they have refused to solve, despite promising to and being paid to do so.

As the taxes increase, the poor people (who don't pay any) won't care, and as more and more people become poor, more and more people are tricked into voting for such governments to give back to them and their descendants the remnants of their own former properties which they have unwittingly deferred to them. 'Democracy' is a self-perpetuating cycle which inevitably leads to 'communism.'

It used to be that a person's property was their own, and if, say, they already owed another person a debt of money,  they could pay that debt by simply transferring some mutually-agreed-on property (money wasn't yet pretended to be somehow separate from property) - such that if you owed a friend, say, $3,000. for their having loaned you money over time, and wanted to pay it back, you could simply give ("sell") them your used second car for $1., and it wouldn't be taxed at all.

Then (as the 1970s ended) for some "unknown" reason, (to pay for increasingly frivilous social justice programs like feminist agitation extortions) government decided all on its own that it now had a right to tax that car sale at it's putative "market value" - based on the average rate for commercial sales - regardless of the real individual supply-and-demand-based price you had wanted to set for a property you owned outright.

This is but one example of government taking away individual citizens' own rights to control their own property; other examples are how they tax and re-tax everything each and every time it's transferred - even if and when there is no benefit or consideration left to one of the parties at all (i.e: when the property is of no value whatsoever to them, only to the transferee) which means the government has absolute economic power over supply and demand by creating for example "inheritance" and "death" taxes!

There never used to be any such things, even only a few short decades ago!

And when all these increasingly onerous sales-taxes were applied, did any general income taxes ever go commensurately down?! Not a chance!

And not only because the various levels of government were divided to split the means of taxation between the national (income) and regional (sales) tax levels, either! So, such divisions of powers are only another shell-game, just as their having falsely divided the law into its' civil' and 'criminal' categories was, (the less 'civil' one requiring people to challenge frauds and thefts with their own money, despite their already having paid taxes to support the government courts, and where the onus of proof has been reversed to where there's a presumption of guilt such that if one does not defend himself against the other partys' claims, they win without having to prove their case at all)! c.f: "Lawfare!"

Governments will always increase the numbers of ways they can tax you, increasing their 'rights' of control over your property and 'right' to own it, by taking away your own such rights.

That way they won't necessarily have to be seen to raise any one tax, while still semi-secretly taxing us all to death by attrition!

Now, WHY do they do this all the time? To pay for "social justice" programs (slanderous gangster's group-rights, merely symptom-based extortions) and to reward their agitating extortionist gangs of "minority" minions (like BLM, and SOROS' "open society;" the SPLC; etc etc etc the many heads and tentacles of the globalist HYDRA) at the direct expense of the majority of individual citizens' real human rights to defend their own lives by owning and controlling property!

When you lose control of your own stuff, "government" gangs own and control YOU!

So, not only the "rich"/ "1%ers" but also anyone who owns anything and earns enough to pay any taxes, should be against all "social justice wealth redistribution" programs, and against the entire notion itself!

Control IS ownership! Right now, most 'corporations' (like the CLINTON FOUNDATION) don't pay any taxes at all, and the real live individual human people who control them don't either.

And they always reduce the wages of their working serfs until they become slaves.

But these corporazi gangsters are not alone in this scam - because they are also the people who own the media and 'both' (again: falsely-divided and conquered) parties of all the world's governments.

And as technology increases production efficiencies, their human labour slaves become worth less and less for them to keep around (i.e: expendable, "useless eaters") and have to portion back out some of the controlled wealth for the slaves upkeep, too, such that even owning human slaves becomes more and more uneconomical to them. ENTER "AGENDA21." Sure, right now the global banksters' Counterfeiter's Union does actually control the world by pulling the strings from the shadows, but it isn't enough for them: they want to be able to openly rule the world, as their feudal ancestors once did!

In the past, when those who owned the governments couldn't tax people enough to pay for all their own wealth-redistribution thefts (whether disguised as social justice programs or not) they killed off millions of their lowliest, most worthless slaves in "wars."

But since the invention of nuclear weapons, starting wars has become a much less efficient and far more risky means of managing their slave population's numbers.

So the owners have been reduced to cajoling people into refusing to reproduce, by dint of  selling suicidal masochism as their highest virtue, falsely seeing themselves as threats to the world's ecology, having a "right" to have non-reproductive "gay" sex on demand, etc. - the behavioural carrot and stick binary at work, as usual.

They also cajole people into helping them consolidate their global ownership with petty terrorisms acclimatizing their slaves to violent repressive tyranny as the "new normal" (TSA shakedowns of the elderly and toddlers, as if they were frothing muslims!) - all to "NUDGE" people towards enthusiastically authorizing outright global ownership while ignoring the globalists' inherent treasons to all sovereign national agreements (watch as Obama daily shreds the American Constitution) since they are no longer able to safely pit one nation-group against another.

I strongly suspect they are setting up the productive whites to finally 'realize' they must eliminate (or segregate and then eventually eliminate) all the useless non-whites, while also replacing most whites with machines. Without nukes, they will probably resort to unleashing "more controllable" plagues.

Who says the Nazis really lost the war?! I'm pretty sure George Soros wouldn't!

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