Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Petition to Ban Crazy Black Racist Bonita Tindle from SFSU

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Petition Calls for SFSU to 'Remove' Bonita Tindle from Campus Due to 'Racism'

A petition is calling for San Francisco State University (SFSU) to “remove” the woman who was filmed attacking a fellow student over “cultural appropriation” from campus due to her displaying “racism” against white people.

The petition, which was started by Lu Hart from London, requests SFSU “Remove Bonita Tindle from campus, for intimidation racism and bullying.”

In the petition, Hart recounts the incident in which Tindle attacked her follow SFSU student, Cory Goldstein, for having his hair styled in dreadlocks.

“Dreadlocks are not exclusive to the black community, and as he politely tried to explain this, Tindle's behaviour became increasingly erratic and alarming. She began to PHYSICALLY grab him, insult him and demand a pair of scissors so that she could cut his hair off,” Hart writes.

Hart asserts, “Not only is Bonita a racist, for insisting dreadlocks are ‘her culture’ inaccurately - she is also ignorant to the fact that dreadlocks are part of many cultures, originating in India - this shows that she is not concerned with her culture, she is more interested in being a bully.”

Hart asks readers to “Imagine, if this was a white man, PHYSICALLY GRABBING a young black girl with dyed blonde hair, threatening to hurt her and cut her hair off, saying that she had no right to have a hairstyle of her choice.”

“San Francisco State University has a bully on their campus - a racist, physically violent, dangerous bully who should be removed, before she attacks any more innocent students for both their race, and how they look,” Hart concludes.

SFSU is currently investigating the incident.

Although SFSU maintains Tindle does not work for the university, she works for Associated Students, the student government at SFSU.

Associated Students said Tindle was “not acting on behalf of Associated Students in any capacity, when the incident occurred” and that they are cooperating with the school’s investigation.

The petition has garnered nearly 4,000 signatures in less than a week.

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